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Revo Touch
  • Pearl EPD, ОС Linux
  • Inductive touch screen
  • Resolution 800 x 600
  • Screen size 6 inches
  • CPU Freescale iMX 508
  • Storage 4Gb
Revo Touch – is a book of a new generation. With Revo Touch you can study and take rest. As well as learn foreign languages and even make renovations in the house. Reading from Pearl EPD screen is as comfortable as reading from paper the text is printed on. Electrophoretic ink are made after E Ink Pearl technology which means accuracy of all elements.
Revo Stylus
  • Pearl EPD, ОС Linux
  • Infrared touch screen
  • Resolution 800 x 600
  • Screen size 6 inches
  • CPU Freescale iMX 508
  • Card slot up to 32Gb
Fortunately, the vogue of reading comes back! And it happens thanks to the fact that technique made one more step forward. To taker pleasure of literature, you don’t have to visit libraries or spent an arm or a leg in bookshops at all. You will be able to cram all world bestsellers and not only in your pocket. You just have to buy e-reader for this.
Compare and choose!
We offer you two models of e-readers: Revo Touch and Revo Stylus. Each of them may become a good assistant for you. So, how to choose the one that won’t disappoint you after several days of use? We will help you to figure this out! You should know that the main operational characteristics of readers are almost the same. However, there are some differences: we will go back to them later.
Things you can see

1. Electronic paper
E-readers have adopted all better things the real books can give. Their screen is also named "paper" and it’s not without reason. White display imitates high quality paper.

2. Mat surface
It is very comfortable to read from mat screen. There are no reflections during reading and it also renders even the smallest picture details.

3. Antiglare
The surface of the display absorbs sun rays. It means that you can use electronic book at a sunny weather and at a strong light of the lamp.

4. Electronic ink
Electronic ink makes text appear on the screen. This technology guarantees no flickering. No matter what view angle you choose – the form and readability of letters and pictures don’t change.

5. Text format
You can adjust font size and choose comfortable text position by yourself.
Things you cannot see

1. Battery
Battery is enough for 8000 page turnings. And it doesn’t matter how long you examine each page. Power is used only during screen update.

2. Memory
The internal memory of e-reader is 4 GB. The storage is expandable up to 32 GB.

3. Wi-Fi
You will have the opportunity to be connected to the Internet with e-readers. So you can download documents without help of other devices. Besides, you can read news online.
Difference you can feel

1. Control
•   Revo Stylus has joystick which controls the navigation. If you prefer reading in bad before going to sleep, this model is exactly what you need. Turning from one side to another or touching the screen with blanket you will never accidentally turn the page. As an alternative you can use stylus which is included.
•   Revo Touch is stuffed with multi-touch display. This device is for those who like to take over the control. Advantages: it is easy to find necessary document or change settings.

2. Size
Revo Stylus is a little bigger and heavier due to the joystick we mentioned before.

3. Drawing
You can make notes and even draw directly in the reader.
•   Draw right with your fingers, touching the Revo Touch screen.
•   Make notes and pictures, moving the stylus over the Revo Stylus screen.
Please take a look at the characteristics of e-book models. Each of them is designed for ITS user.
Finding out more about their operating principle will help
to make a really good purchase.
Products comparison
  Nova Tablet PC eReader Revo
Display type
1024 х 720 1024 х 552 800 х 600 800 х 600
Screen size
9.7 7 6 6
Card slot
up to 32Gb
up to 16Gb
up to 32Gb up to 32Gb
1Gb 1Gb 256Mb 256Mb
16Gb 8Gb 4Gb
(available 3.5Gb)
(available 3.5Gb)
Android 4.0.4 Android 4.0.3 Linux Linux
RK3066, 1.6 GHz,
Cortex-A9, Dual Core
Allwinner a10,
1GHz, Cortex-A8
Freescale iMX 508,
800 MHz, Cortex-A8
Freescale iMX 508,
800 MHz, Cortex-A8
Mali-400MP Mali-400MP - -
10 touches 5 touches Stylus Yes
239.8 х 188 х 10 mm 197 x 117 x 8.5 mm 197 x 124 x 11.6 mm 171 x 124.8 x 10.9 mm
675 g 260 g 298 g 246 g
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