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IT-Log Alliance LLP invites distributors for cooperation!

Now Ejuk electronic goods may appear on your shop windows. This may be a real display windows or online store. We are open to all the offers from both wholesale and retail companies.

Please look through the assortment of goods presented at our store and read feedbacks from our customers to decide if you really need our products. Initially we provide the opportunity to order MOQ for wholesale price. Thus you'll be able to check the quality of products and to get the idea of consumer demands.

We offer cooperation on mutually agreed terms with all necessary documents. We also have flexible system of discounts for our partners. Delivery schedule and payment methods are established individually.

If you want to become an official representative of our company, feel free to contact us by e-mail: distribution@ejuk.net or call +7 499 638 45 47 and +373 22 228032

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