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Tablet PC
Nova 9.7"
  • IPS screen, ОS Android 4
  • Multitouch up to 10 touches
  • Supported USB 3G Modem
  • Wi-Fi, USB, microSD-card
  • CPU 1.6 GHz, dual core
Nova 9.7" is powered by a dual-core processor, it’s also shipped with Android 4.0.4, excellent graphic card, RAM and built-in memory. Check out “Specifications” to learn more. The point is that Nova 9.7" operates fast and consumes little.
Tablet PC
Nova 8
Nova 8 - the golden mean - the tablet that has co-opted the best characteristics of its fellows: SuperNova and Nova 7. Nova 8 is intended for those who are always on the go, who prefers not only a compact size but a high performance as well. Slim, light, speedy and stylish tablet will become your reliable partner and faithful friend at once.
Compare and choose!
Buying Nova tablet, you acquire a friend, colleague and и even adviser!
With Nova Tablet you find a friend, a partner and a good helper! Why Tablets? The device is a perfect way to keep in touch with your friends no matter how far they are. You can show your project to the client at just the right time and place. Besides, you can amuse your kids with a cartoon or game on the Tablet. Feel free to download different apps for children for all ages helping their education. Surf the Internet in café, park or on bus. In short, Tablet PC is really useful for everyone as it opens up new opportunities.
What Nova tablets are good with?

Movement is life!
You will not have to be bored at home or in the office while waiting for important letter. Just put the tablet in your bag and go for walk.

Believe your eyes
Both models look very stylish. Black panel, thin body – all of this make accessory presentable.

From all sides
Each Nova has per 2 cameras: front and back. One camera is for online conversation, another for shooting video and photos.

To find a common language
Communicate without borders! Tablet PCs will allow you talking to your friends or discuss project with colleagues.

Being faithful
With tablet you may work remotely. You will busy yourself in long queue or even on a hospital bed.

Work done, have your fun
Nova – is your animator during recreation. During outdoor recreation, turn on the music while shish kebab is getting ready. On resort you may settle evening movie or cartoon watch directly on seashore.
Nova 7" or Nova 9.7"?

You are the only person who can answer this question! Each tablet has its advantages. We will tell you about them. You will just have to decide which of characteristics are important namely for you.

1. Your format

Nova 7": dimensions – 197x117x8.5 mm;
weight – 260 gr.
Small invention for fidgets. It will be no trouble to take it with you.
Nova 9.7": dimensions – 239.8х188х10 mm;
weight – 640 gr.
This tablet PC is a little bigger and harder. However, weight provides extra possibilities that we are going to discuss.

2. Your screen

Nova 7": resolution –1024х600 pixels;
screen size – 7 inches.
These parameters will be enough to surf through Internet, communicate with friends and watch video.
Nova 9.7": resolution – 1024х720 pixels;
screen size – 9.7 inches.
If you work with text, graphics and pictures everyday, it is better to choose this model.
3. Your memory

Nova 7": RAM – 1 Gb; built-in memory – 8 Gb. Such volume will be enough to download standard programs, documents, books, audio and video files. In a word everything that usual user needs. It supports memory cards up to 16 Gb. It means that you will be able to store on your flash pictures, documents, movies etc.
• Nova 9.7": RAM –1 Gb; built-in memory – 16 Gb. You may download here heavyweight programs. Tablet will play any games with you without brakes and hang-ups. It supports memory cards up to 32 Gb. You will be able to download tens movies, a lot of music and useful information.

4. Your speed

Nova 7": one core processor. Frequency – 1.6 GHz. You will be able to download files sequentially. At the same time – talk to your friends, or for example, look through news.
Nova 9.7": dual-core processor. Frequency – 1GHz. Do you plan to work in several programs at the same time? Do you copy files not by one but by folders? Than we recommend you 9.7” model. All commands will be made with maximal speed. And heavyweight applications, including games, will just fly.
5. Your shooting

Nova 7": back camera –2 Mega pixels; front Camera – 0,3 Mega pixels. Both models have similar back cameras. It means that pictures and video will not differ in quality. Front camera is for Skype conversations. 0,3 Mega pixels will be enough for interlocutor being able to see you.
Nova 9.7": back camera –2 Mega pixels; front Camera – 2 Mega pixels. If you negotiate remotely and it is important for you how you are looking, 2 Mega pixels camera is just what you need.

6. Your touches

Nova 7": touch screen 5 touches. It is more than enough for comfortable navigation. If it is necessary you will always be able to connect keyboard.
Nova 9.7": touch screen 10 touches. Are you going to print with two hands without keyboard? Go ahead!

7. Your time

Nova 7": in video playing mode works up to 5 hours.
Nova 9.7": in video playing mode works up to 6 hours.

8. Your reliability

Nova 7": body made of solid plastic.
Nova 9.7": back cover – made of metal.
As you see, each model has its’ advantages. Compact Nova 7" is made for active people. It is used for surfing in the Internet, for talking with your relatives and friends and for entertainment. If Tablet PC becomes the main working tool it is better to choose Nova 9.7". You will be able to work in several programs at the same time and to use screen as visual aid on presentations and negotiations.
Choose! Create! Communicate! Earn money! Take rest! Nova era is here!
Products comparison
  Nova Tablet PC eReader Revo
Display type
1024 х 720 1024 х 552 800 х 600 800 х 600
Screen size
9.7 7 6 6
Card slot
up to 32Gb
up to 16Gb
up to 32Gb up to 32Gb
1Gb 1Gb 256Mb 256Mb
16Gb 8Gb 4Gb
(available 3.5Gb)
(available 3.5Gb)
Android 4.0.4 Android 4.0.3 Linux Linux
RK3066, 1.6 GHz,
Cortex-A9, Dual Core
Allwinner a10,
1GHz, Cortex-A8
Freescale iMX 508,
800 MHz, Cortex-A8
Freescale iMX 508,
800 MHz, Cortex-A8
Mali-400MP Mali-400MP - -
10 touches 5 touches Stylus Yes
239.8 х 188 х 10 mm 197 x 117 x 8.5 mm 197 x 124 x 11.6 mm 171 x 124.8 x 10.9 mm
675 g 260 g 298 g 246 g
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