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This page was created to help our customers to be aware of their rights. Here are the answers to the most common questions we are asked: how to place an order, how to receive an order, how to use guarantee etc.

About ordering

How to pay for the order?

Four your convenience we offer you several payment methods. Each of them is made through secure encrypted protocol. We work with 2Checkout - a global online payments solutions provider. This Company has long history and reputation.
For payment you may use:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • JCB;
  • PIN Debit;
  • And also your PayPal account.

Can I pick up the order myself?

No. We accept only online orders. In Delivery section you may learn about delivery process in detail.

Can I be sure that I receive order I have paid for?

After paying for the order, you receive the e-mail from Payment Company confirming that transaction went through successfully. Also, you receive the e-mail from our manager with all the information about your order.

These notifications become confirmation of obligations taken by our Company to you.

Is the order checked before shipping?

We are interested in sending quality goods to our customers. That's why the quality control group works in our warehouse. Each model undergoes testing, being examined for visible damages. After that it's switched on and checked (depending on the product): keyboard, cameras, speakers and so on. The integrity of accessories is also checked. Then the device is switched off and carefully packed.

Is the box with product sealed?

As it was told before, the goods undergo several control stages. That is why the integrity of factory package is broken. Remember when you buy electronic device in a store, you unpack it as well to make sure it works properly.

How do I cancel an order?

  • If you haven't paid for the order, no need to contact manager.
  • If you want to cancel the order or make some changes after payment was made contact us ASAP. If the parcel hasn't left the depot yet, we will help you. Otherwise we won't be able to change anything.

Questions about receiving an order

What to do if you have received damaged or defective product?

  • As you know, a signature is required upon delivery. If you notice visible damages, inform courier about it. Send a claim to Postal Service.
  • During 24 hours after receiving the goods, send an e-mail to Customer Service.
  • Make a picture of the package. Attach it to your e-mail addressed to our operators.
Each claim will be investigated.

What to do if you opened the parcel and found out defects?

First of all contact our operator. Technical department employees will help you to test the device. Many problems are solved by simple setup. In case of real defects, you will get instructions for return shipment by e-mail.

Return, replacement and repair

Can you return money for goods?

If during 7 days after order receipt you find defects in operation, immediately inform us about it. We will explain how to send the product back. As soon as the parcel reaches addressee you will be able to get your money back.

Can you exchange the device?

  1. Check the parcel right after receiving. You will be able to change it during 7 days,
    • if device you have just received has mechanical damages;
    • if device doesn't turn on;
    • if you received a damaged parcel.
  2. If during 30 days after the order receipt you will find any problems in device operation, contact our operators. We will exchange the item for you.

Can you fix the device?

We give one year guarantee. To repair device you will have to send it to us. Our operators will tell you how to do this.

How long claims for return, replacement or repair are examined?

Your claim will be examined during two business days.

Guarantee questions

What are guarantee conditions?

Contact us in case of any fails in work of our devices. If you address to us not longer than after one year after order receipt, we will offer repair or replacement of goods (at our discretion). You will get the same model or model with similar specifications. It depends on availability of goods on stock. It is important to know: all devices should be sent back to us.

In which cases guarantee is not valid?

  • If serial number of the product was damaged, changed or removed.
  • If damage was a result of improper use, storage or care.
  • If damage became result of a fall.
  • If there are any visible body damages.
  • If unauthorized repair or modification were made.
  • If device was damaged during delivery process.
  • If the reason of damage was voltage step or other external actions.
  • If tear and wear were determined.
  • If device had contact with water.
  • If permissible temperature of use was exceeded.
  • If damage took place as result of an accident or climatic effects.
  • Guarantee is not applied to batteries and accessories with limited life time (headphones, cables, cases, chargers, keyboards etc.).
  • Guarantee is not applied to software.

What do you need to use guarantee service?

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Contact operator - he will take your claim and assign number to it.
  • Problem description.
Technical department employees will determine if the problem you have described is covered by guarantee agreement. If yes, we will send you return instructions.

Return shipment of goods

How fast should I send the product back?

If case is covered by guarantee, you will receive RMA number. It is valid during 7 days. During this period you should send the product to Post Office. Parcels without RMA numbers or with wrong or expired codes will not be examined.

What namely to send back?

  1. If you want to get your money back for product, send everything that was included in the set. Take into account: money is returned only for new product. Product's condition is determined by employees of technical department.
  2. If you want to change the product to the same one, it should be sent in a box it was received. You don't have to send the accessories included in the set. It will help you to save on shipping.
  3. If you want to change your product to another model, send your device in full set. Replacement is available only if the product and its' accessories are not used. Products' condition is determined by employees of technical department.
  4. If you want to send product for repair, send just the device and battery. It will help you to save on shipping. In some countries sending of batteries is prohibited. In this case send only the device without battery.

How to prepare product for shipping?

Pack the product carefully. Choose the delivery option with possibility of tracking. Send the tracking number to our e-mail for tracing. Any damages or loss during delivery process are not covered by guarantee.

Which steps does delivery include?

  1. As it was mentioned before, first you should contact Company representative and get Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
  2. Pack the product carefully, in order to avoid damages in transit. Otherwise you will have to pay for these damages.
  3. We advise you to pack the product as compact as possible. It will help you to save on shipping.
  4. Choose delivery method that allows tracking of parcel.
  5. Specify Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number on external part of the parcel.

Where the product should be sent?

You should contact operator to get all data and instructions.

What happens after you send us the device?

Our specialists will examine and will determine the reason of damage.

  • If the case is not covered by guarantee (we have mentioned about this above), the product is deprived of right for replacement or repair. Buyer will have to undertake costs for sending the product back.
  • If the case is covered by guarantee, the product will be repaired or replaced. Sending the product back to customer - at our expense.

Who pays the return?

  1. Вы You determined malfunction or received wrong product. Therefore:
    • Providing that you send the product not later than 7 days after receipt, we will pay the shipping fee. You should contact our representative. They will explain how to send the parcel without paying shipping fee.
    • If you will send the product 7 days after receipt you will have to pay shipping.
  2. You send product with claim under guarantee. So, you have to pay shipping fee.

What to do after sending the product back?

You should send us to our e-mail your information about parcel. We need tracking number to trace the parcel.

We hope this section gives the intelligible explanation of all the questions that may arise. We would like to remind you once again: we do our best for you to receive product in working order.

  • Pre-testing service works for this.
  • That is why packers carefully prepare the goods.
  • That is why we offer you to choose shipping method yourself.
  • That is why we offer you opportunity to trace the parcel.
  • That is why our operators and technical support work.

We have answered the most popular questions. And if you haven’t found information you need, send us e-mail. We will not leave your e-mail without attention.

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