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You've chosen the device that meets all your requirements. So it's time to learn how we send orders. And what delivery method is suitable for you.

What is order processing?

So, you have placed an order with our web-site. Now, you have to wait till operators accept it and process. It will take up to 24 hours (except weekends and Holidays).

Order processing consists of the following stages:

    1. Checking your order for completeness and accuracy of data.

    2. Checking availability of products you have chosen.

    3. Checking functionality of the product and its' accessories.

How the goods are prepared for shipping?

Before sending the goods our employees make operability test. Then the purchase is carefully packed and we contact the carrier. We provide you the opportunity to choose method of delivery and the carrier on your own.

What shipping methods we offer?

1. Registered Airmail delivery

Parcel sent by Registered Airmail is delivered to addressee in 2-4 weeks. This shipping method is the most economical.

2. Delivery by Post Services

If you wish to receive your order faster we recommend to use services of the following Companies: Fedex, EMS and DHL. In this case shipping will take 3-5 business days.

Such parcels are automatically insured for 100 USD.

What is the delivery cost?

To calculate the exact amount you should know the number of positions and their total weight. The price also depends on delivery method. I.e. each time the delivery cost is determined individually.

Dedicated to vigilant buyers

Now you know how the goods are delivered. However, each of us occasionally becomes buyer waiting for his order. So that’s how we check and pack our products:

  • First, we examine the model. Check it for visible defects: scratches, dead pixels on the screen, sticking keys etc.
  • Turn on the device. Check the keyboard, camera and so on. Then we switch it off.
  • Check the availability and operability of all accessories included in the set.
  • Stick the label on the box that proves that product was checked.
  • As you know travelling is not an easy thing, especially when the passenger is electronic device. That’s why we do all the best to prepare the order to all travel ties. We use bubble bag. It covers the device completely, protecting it from mechanical damages.
  • Order is placed in courier pouch.
  • As soon as courier takes the pouch, we send tracking number to your e-mail. You are able to know the approximate date of delivery.
  • Now you know how we send the products. Hope this information helps you to make yourself easy on how and when the parcel arrives.

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