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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Silent and soft touch
  • Roll-up
  • Waterproof and durable
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Silicone Keyboard
Silicone keyboard – pocket assistant that doesn’t afraid of water and dust!
Habit is second nature
It is rather difficult to change habits, yet it’s necessary to fight bad ones! But what if technology novelties force us to vary the habits? All the owners of tablet pc know that it’s not that easy to cope with multitouch text input at once. Silicone keyboard will help you not to give up comfortable input method!

All that is mine with me all the time
Flexible accessory is rolled up and is easily placed inside plastic tub. The weight of the portable keyboard is 250g. It will fit into a small purse and even inside a pocket. It’s perfect for journeys if you take tablet pc with you.
As still as a mouse…
Nobody will hear your typing. You will never wake your baby up working with such device. It feels so good to press soft silicone keys!

Bon appetite!
Do you always eat at dinner table? It’s not a secret we often chew something in front of the PC or tablet PC. And what it leads to? Keys sink in liquid and ball up with pieces of cookies. And… you have to buy new accessory. You know what’s it all about, right? So, now you can eat whatever you want without any worries - with silicone keyboard you may crumb, you may pour out tea or coffee. This device doesn’t afraid of neither tomato nor orange juice.
Cleanliness is guarantee of health!
Don’t forget to look after keyboard. Wash off the rests of spilled juice. You can wipe it with humid duster and simply put into the sink and open the tap. It is waterproof!

Punctuality is the politeness of kings
The height of the key is 5.5mm. Standard keyboard has 101 or 110 keys, while the silicone one has just 85 keys. They are placed in such a way we got accustomed to. The difference is just that there is numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. However not everybody actually use it, cause as all figures and mathematical characters are at the top of the keyboard.

For better or worse
Silicone rubber is not afraid of chemical exposure. Take the tablet with keyboard to the garage to solve any problems with leaking oil or fuel! You can type even in the rain… But it is better to use it in more agreeable conditions, for example, on the beach. Just imagine: right after splashing in the water you type the text even without shaking water off hands!

Suits everyone!
Silicone keyboard is compatible with well-known operating systems: Android, Mac OS, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7. It is connected through USB-port. In case of need you may use PS/2 adapter.

Cheap, reliable and
If you rarely use the Tablet PC for typing you won’t have to be nervous about fingers missing the right keys. Just think how to make the work less stressful. Just for $9 you can have a comfortable and reliable accessory that will make your life better!
General Features
IT Log. (United Kingdom)
350 x 138 x 12 mm
250 g
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