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Brand new quad-core processor! Retina display with amazing color rendering and resolution… Limited Edition! Hurry up!
Tablet PCNova 9.7"
Nova 9.7" may become home cinema or visual aid during in negotiations. Wide angle screen opens up new opportunities. Tablet with dual-core CPU will cope with the most difficult tasks. It will become your operating tool and favorite toy - all on one.

Multi touch screen (10 points) will help to develop your typing speed. Two built-in cameras will shoot video or photo for you. Due to metal panel, the body of the tablet is durable.
 Tablet PCNova 9.7
eReaderRevo Touch
E-book is made for those who like reading. It will store thousands of books, magazines and manuals! Screen imitates paper, and electronic ink imitates typographic printing. Charge will be enough for several weeks of continuous reading. With the Touch function you will easily and quickly find necessary document or page.

The reader may be also used like a music player. Load audio-books or favorite songs! In Revo Touch you can make notes and even draw pictures.
 eReaderRevo Touch
Tablet PCNova 7"
Mini-tablet is a finding for active people. Tablet will fit even in your pocket. You will be able to chat with your friends, watch movies, listen to the music and play games.

Electronic brain weighing some hundreds grams will help you not to waste your precious time. It will tell you what is going on in the world, explain how to cook a cake or put together a sliding door wardrobe. Nova 7" will be useful for parents to distract child as well as to develop his mind.
 Tablet PCNova 7
eReaderRevo Stylus
With e-reader you can discover new things and have a good time. Books, manuals and entertaining editions - e-book will easily keep all this stuff. Pearl EPD screen without lighting and flicker - comfort to your eyes. With antiglare screen protector you will be able to read in sunny alley or in nightlights.

Revo Stylus easily turns into a player, phrase-book and even organizer. While reading you can write down your thoughts with stylus.
 eReaderRevo Stylus
Nova Series
  • Retina screen, ОS Android 4.2
  • Multitouch up to 10 touches
  • RAM 2Gb
  • Wi-Fi, USB, microSD-card
  • CPU 1.6 GHz, quad core
SuperNova 9.7
One of the basic advantage of SuperNova – a high-definition Retina screen: 2048x1536 pixels. Do you know what's the resolution of your display? Just imagine, that the one of SuperNova is much bigger! SuperNova has quad-core processor. It means that it will take less time for command processing. RAM is upgraded to 2Gb.
Revo Series
  • E Ink (electrophoretic ink)
  • Touch screen
  • Wi-Fi, USB, microSD-card
  • A month without recharging
Revo Series
Have you ever thought of the library inside a purse? Now it's not just an idea… Check out Revo Series from Ejuk - e-readers that make your life shine in new splendor. Electronic ink, small size, big opportunities, 4Gb of built-in storage and a reasonable price!
Price: $7.49
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